Thursday, 25 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Meee!

Today I am twenty-mumblemumblemumble, which makes me very nearly OLD on the basis that next year, I will be twenty-mumblemumblemumble + 1, which is technically not twenty-anything any more. Harrumph.

But anyway. I happen to be blessed with the absolute best of long-suffering boyfriends (who is tolerating the proliferation of tinythings in my study with all the grace that can be expected from a man with shelves full of D+D books, unpainted warhammer sets and board games). In his role as enabler, he today presented me with an exciting box filled with a big-headed eye-changing dolly, and some funky accessories to go with her!

I'm not sure Melchie took to her straight off...
I keep the tools on a high shelf... 
But Plink was very keen to give her a hand out of the box.
Melchie? Help please?

O hai! Let me remove the... gosh. That is rather a lot of sellotape... 

I'm sure they're going to get on fine.
Welcome to the league of ridiculous knitted headgear!

If you're after the specifics, she's a "Simply Chocolate" and it appears she thinks she's called Aspen. Her eye colours are blue, minty green, rather-startling-orange and quite-weird-pink... shall have to invest in some new chips soon.

She's not wearing any trousers. 

Melchett, stop mucking about.
If you shut her in there, Plink, I'll hand you the tape.

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