Wednesday, 31 October 2012

With heartfelt apologies to Mr E A Poe

Once upon a midnight late, while I pondered on my fate,
(a horde of boisterous Makie scientists as never seen before)
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
Then a crash and burble-blatting, right outside my bedroom door.
"Tis just the cat," I muttered, "bashing at my bedroom door:
Just the cat... Please, nothing more!"

September was a long time over, one day alone left in October,
Leaves were strewn in ember-wrought jewelled gusts upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; Halloween about to follow,
Ghosts and ghouls released to borrow tricks and treats and games and more
For skellingtons and be-sheeted ghosties knocking on my house's door
Ghosts and Ghouls and nothing more.

And the blatting grew more strident and the honking ever violent
Filling me, filling me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now to still the shrieking in my head, I lie repeating,
"Tis just the cat demanding breakfast at the bedroom door;
Just my fat cat wanting breakfast sitting at my bedroom door,
Just the cat and nothing more."

Suddenly the crashing ended and, as I'm certain they intended,
"Plink?" called I, "Or Melchett? An explanation I implore.
You know the humans are both napping, there's a housewide ban on blatting,
Also sounds described as splatting, slithering, whooping and all crashing,
Especially at the hour of four thirty..." here I opened wide the door.
Darkness there and nothing more.

Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, hearing,
Faint sounds of splashing and pirate calling from underneath the bathroom door
And as the silence slunk off, broken, there came a slingle tentacular token,
And a greenish glowing light from underneath the bathroom door,
A trembling green and purple tentacle underneath the bathroom door,
This and water and nothing more.

Halloween 2012
Tentacle? Check. Hook? Check. Mayhem? CHECK.
Back into the bedroom, sighing, always at the Makies sighing,
Then I heard a tapping and a scratching louder than before.
“Surely,” said I, “Surely not an escapee Makie.. I’m losing the plot…
Let me see then what the threat is, and this mystery explore,
Let me see what’s tapping and scratching and… growling at my bedroom door.
Oh please, the wind and nothing more.”

Open here I pulled the portal, willing it to be a mortal
When in there stepped a stately Maiden of the days of yore…
Looking down my eyes espied a rather oddly dressed-up Blythe,
Who raised her hands and growled and cried and perched outside my bedroom door.
Perched upon an orange pumpkin dumped outside my bedroom door,
Perched and growled and nothing more.

Halloween 2012
Aspen, who is rather miffed at the glue dot keeping her nose-costume on... 

Well. This fluffy vision soon beguiling my worn temper into smiling
By the fuzzy boots and gloves and tunic that it wore.
“Though thy head is fur-behatted, thou,” I said, “were nearly splatted,
Hanging around on a precarious pumpkin sat outside my bedroom door…
Tell me where the others are, let me know just to be sure”.
Quoth a Makie: “Eat my Shorts!”

Halloween 2012
*le sigh* Hi Melchie... 

Another coughed as if to squelch it, but it only could be Melchett,
And as I turned and looked I saw her and…what’s that? Another more?
Melchie was a calavera, and as I started to blink and stare a
Blythe trotted out from behind the pumpkin sat outside my bedroom door
A new Blythe with long yellowish hair that I had never seen before,
Sitting and smiling and nothing more.

Halloween 2012
Say hello to the long-anticipated Elin! Wooo!

“Oh great!” I moaned, my resolve fleeting as all four then fell to speaking,
Talking all at once and squeaking of blood and guts and gore,
Of mad experiments and plotting, of delicate things they could be dropping,
And of things that needed chopping right there on my bedroom floor,
Back to bed I went and left them, partying on my bedroom floor,
And as I went, I vowed “NO MORE!”

Halloween 2012
Oh, you could at least attempt to smile... 

Halloween 2012
That's better! 

Hope you all have a glorious Halloween/Samhain/Nos Galad Gaeaf! I'll be celebrating by shutting the girls in the bathroom with the giant squid and hiding things from trick or treaters! Stay spooky :) 

Glorious Wolf Hat by Manon of De Belles Poupees, Voodoo Necklace by Fil of Mok.Me

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