Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Here at Makie Couture, we're a big supporter of Silicone Roundabout businesses, and we've been fans of Moo ever since they printed our first cute Moo cards for swapping over pints at Oxford flickr meets (*takes a moment for some nostalgia*)
The Accursed Frame of Moo
The Accursed Frame of Moo, which is on my hallway wall.
2008, representin'
Of course, we had to get some up-to-date Makie Couture business cards sorted for the Makie meet...
...and some fun stickers!
The sticker books are great value, and with reasonable P&P and a pretty swift and speedy service, you can't go wrong. Of course, you can go even less wrong if you clicky this linky here, because you'll get 10% off of your first order*.

*and I get some Moo points towards my next purchase. But hey, I bring you all this entertainment for free, so it's worth it, right?! 

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  1. When I decided to get business cards I chose print peppermint instead of MOO and I was so amazed at how my cards turned out. They look fantastic. I'm sure MOO is an amazing but I'm trying them out soon coz I already found an awesome printing company from print peppermint.