Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Melchie vs Etsy

Hullo! Melchett here.

Since getting the new laptop (thanks, human's unattended credit card!) Plink and I have been having a good look on the internet for other things that we could possibly purchase. Today we hit up Etsy and had a rummage for some top Makie desirables.
Got coffee. Got doughnut. Got a BEAR HAT. Locked and loaded!
First up, we reckon this pattern book would make a great present for our human! Loads of trousers, shirts and coats. Apparently, if they fit the big-headed dolly with the weird eyes, they'll probably fit us.

From MeMeCraft on Etsy
Next, this cute little dress. I'm not so keen, Plink think's it's awesome.

One of many gorgeous designs by LoveBlytheDoll
A fancy jug like this would make our drinking evenings far more fun, obviously. This is hand blown glass, would you believe?! The colours! The pattents! The SIZE!
Completely astounding work by Kivaford
Oh, and we'll have this for the lab too.

Finally, here's one to break the bank...
You've got to click through to this listing to see all the superb details.
Fantastic work by MyDeliciousBliss
No, it's not a daft dolly in a silly hat, it's a completely gorgeous, fully-furnished des-res of Makie proportions, with sofa, fireplace, cosy chair and curtains! Personally if I could have one bit, it would be the hat. But hey, I think I'll just press for the whole darned lot.

Right! Off to the B+Q website to buy the human some woodworking tools for her birthday. Yeah!

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