Monday, 22 October 2012

Makie Meet, the summarisinginging

Aaah. Now I've had a bit of sleep, I think I'm up to a summary of the fun and games had by all at the Makie Lab meet up.

We left Sheepland reasonably bright and early, and had a rather nice train ride down to London (especially in comparison to the ride back, see Twitter for gory details), then battled with tube line closures and not realising that for some reason Paddington Tube Station is in two bits (am a hick from the sticks and I HATE LONDON. There. I've said it.). The much-maligned mini A-Z book came in very useful in finding Scrutton Street; although the girls came from there, they were sulking too much at their travel arrangements (dinner napkin roulades) to give me useful directions.

After finding the lab, Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie were released from their prisons, costumes donned and much squeaking ensued!
Makie Meet October 2012
Free! Freeeeeeee!
Plink had a good nose around Widget's lab...
Makie Meet October 2012
Frantically calculating which big red button to press.
We met the twitchy-eared test subject SU3K4T and got a look at her braaaaains...
Makie Meet October 2012
There are videos of Suekat out there, go look!
We discovered that Dave and Am look exactly like their humans! (Also Yeti is very, very tall!)
Makie Meet October 2012
Modelling their Makie Couture original hats :) 
Count Dracuted didn't scare us and Millie the Witch was adorable.
Makie Meet October 2012
Costumes by the talented Poklfil
Refreshments were provided by Chelsea, sugar, sugar and more sugar.
Makie Meet October 2012
Dave lines up a shot.
We also got let into a few top sekrit MakieLab plans... but our lips are sealed! ... no, not quite as literally as sealed as the head in this photo.
Makie Meet October 2012
Then we got on with the gruelling task of trying to make everyone stand up for long enough to get a group photo!
Makie Meet October 2012
Makies are wobbly!
Sulka had a much nicer camera than mine and stole all the Makies for individual portrait shots. Really looking forwards to seeing these, because at that point the light was going and I don't have a flash.
Makie Meet October 2012
Smile, everyone! Say candy corn!
Thanks to all at MakieLab for tolerating us dumping our stuff all over your workspace, the epic goody bags of joy and giving up your Saturdays so's we could have a good time. Special kudos to Chelsea for the mint M+M cookies if not the punch which caused a MAJOR sugar crash on the tube back to Paddington!

There are more photos available in the flickr set, which is here. Happy clicking!

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