Sunday, 21 October 2012

Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie


Finally, I can let you into the sekrit of the costumes we've been working on for the last month!
Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie
Just put some gears on it and call it steeeeeeeeempunk!
Steampunk is fantastic, as far as I'm concerned. I've got a whole Pinterest board devoted to the collecting of steampunky ideas, and I've been dying to make a Makie-sized steampunk costume for ages. Happily, the Makie Meet gave me the perfect excuse to make two!

Here's the Steamplink. Obviously involved in the science side of things, she's probably an airship engineer or the like.
Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie
Okay, yes. The gears have no purpose. So hit me with sticks. 
Her boots and belt are from Collectible Kitbash and are seriously high quality. The boots have even got hobnails on them!
Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie
Up, up and awaaaaaaay!
Madame Von Melchie is more of a lace-and-arsenic sort.
Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie
Shall we dance? Or shall I poison you? Either way is good...
Her hat is essentially felt, fabric, glue and more glue. The skirt has wire in the hem to help it hold its shape. There's a 3-layer bustle on the back, which is happily not held together with glue. That's a chicken feather in the hat, by the way.
Steamplink and Madame Von Melchie
No, she wouldn't take off the fluffy bunny slippers.
I'm delighted with the costumes, especially Plink's wings and goggles. Many huge hugs to the Jo for sending me the watch faces!

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