Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ah, Summer

Today is one of those all-too-rare days when the world smells like a barbecue, the cats lie as flat as they possibly can in the shade and I seriously contemplate if I could get a hammock in the garden somewhere.

Yup, it's flirting around 28 degrees centigrade in the UK today, people are dressing inappropriately and watching the Wimbledon Men's final with the sound turned way up and the doors wide open...

...luckily for you, I'm adverse to anything approaching heat and I hate tennis, so I'm going to retreat to my sewing room with a nice cool drink and write you all a tutorial!


  1. OOOH what's that you got there with the strawberries? Mine are just ripening in the garden and there are a gadzillion out there!!

    1. Sparkling elderflower! Very nice

  2. I love elderflower!!! YUM YUM!!! Great idea
    Now got to find something to do with all the redcurrants too!