Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Everyone's Got Talent! Recap and VOTING


A little later than advertised (sorry), it's time for our talent contest recap and voting instructions, yaay! 

Let's take another look at our contestants... 

The zen-like folding ninja that is Qwaychou's BJD.

Willa, showing why 5 needles is better when you're dealing with zmobie cats.

And last but by no means least, Magical Millie (and Ted the flopsy bunny)!

Phew! What a lot of talent! Bet you can't wait to find out how to vote... 

...and it's like this! Send an email to me, (where SPLAT = @) with the subject 'talent contest'. Award 3 points to your favourite entry, 2 points to your runner up and 1 point to your third place. Entrants, you are totally allowed to vote for yourselves. 

Voting is open until 18:00 on Friday the 5th of July, and I'll attempt to get my act together enough to announce the winner later that night... and tell you all about the FABULOUS PRIZES, oh yes indeedly. 

Good luck to all the entrants! Get those votes in now!

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