Tuesday, 23 July 2013


A heated argument seemed to be in progress from the bookcase this afternoon... 

"Something traditional," proclaimed Plink. "Like Aethelred!"
"Or Spock!" 
"...Melchie, how is 'Spock' even remotely traditional?" 
"Well, it's from the original series." 

Plink sighed. "No. We're talking proper names from history. William and James and Charles and He-"
"Waldo! Or... oooh! How about Lupo?"
"Dude. Their dog is called Lupo."
"Good name for a dog..." Melchie thinks for a bit. "How about... BATMAN. King Batman the First!"

I'm glad Makies aren't naming the latest addition to the Royal Family.

1 comment:

  1. Hehe I can so imagine that heated discussion going on for days :)

    Best get your earplugs ready Duckie. The arguments are sure to just get louder!