Monday, 15 July 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Aaaaah. A lovely week off! Feels like I need it to recharge the (old, leaky, worn out) batteries and have a bit of time for doing all those things I want to do but haven't been able to. We'll have to see if that includes some dolly stuff, I'm afraid the summer is just a bit warm to be sat in my (complete mess of a) study doing reroots, hah. 

Hooray and huzzah and aaaargh melting. I'm going to be working in some garden time with my new favourite game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you're a 3DS owner and you've not got this title, why the heckers not?! 

For you non-Nintendoers, Animal Crossing is a lovely little game that you can switch your brain firmly off for. You are the mayor of a little town by the sea populated by yourself and some animal residents (I have a koala, a squirrel, a rabbit, a monkey, a bull, a bird of some description, a lion, a duck and... erm... oh! A rhino). You have your own house, which you can work to expand, a whole town's worth of gardens to tend, bugs to catch, a museum to fill and sharks to swear at. You can also buy items which you can decorate your house with or swap with other residents.

You also get to design your own patterns, either for your clothes and hats and furniture, or to use around the town. Here's me (Mayor Batduck) with a rock path pattern I designed. 

Shiny, huh? Paths are great, they stop your grass wearing away. I'm very pleased with my yellow bench too. Yes, that is a Link hat! There are a series of special Nintendo items you can acquire during the game.
As a veteran Animal Crossing player, I'm most excited by the new feature that allows you to generate QR codes for your unique designs, which you can share with other Animal Crossingers. There are already loads of fantastic codes for all sorts of things available online, and I thought I'd join in with a couple of my own...

Here are my paving rocks! 

And here's my gyroid! I'm very smug about how well he turned out. He's the poster boy for Batcave Museum's special gyroid exhibit. 

Feel free to use them in your towns :) If you'd like to visit the Batcave, drop me a message and we'll see about exchanging friend codes. 

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